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Global Director of Marketing, Sales and Event Management

I am a reactive person on all subjects that I am entrusted. I know how to create trust, sympathy and respect. I would define my profile within a team like that of leader, and I constantly try to motivate my teams, so that they get the best results. I am honest, and do not appreciate injustice, especially in the professional field. I am a big fan of meritocracy. I am enterprising and dedicated to my job, my clients and my collaborators. I help and I show empathy. I am a positive person, courageous and pragmatic. I am someone with a strong ambition and realistic.

Consultant webmarketing, Directeur artistique, Consultant Stratégie et commercial métier de l'informatique

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Global Director of Marketing, Sales and Event Management

A Stanford Production|Reseller Prime Focus Limited-Francophone Countries A Stanford Production|Reseller Prime Focus Limited-Francophone Countries

Mission : My mission is to manage the design, strategy and overall management of the project (advertising, films, events, OTT ..), study the feasibility, design the financial package by seeking funding, and implement human resources, financial and technical requirements. The number of people supervised varies according to the projects entrusted. It can range from a team of 5 people to a team of more than 1000 people on an often international and multi-media conception: management of production teams, management of editorial teams, management of artistic teams, management of technical teams, creative ... I am the general sales representative, in all Francophone countries, of the multinational Prime Focus Technologies. PFT is the world's largest independent integrated media services company. We provide end-to-end creative services (visual effects, stereo 3D conversion and animation), technology products and services (Media ERP Suite and Cloud), production services (Executive Production & Equipment Leasing) and post-production (Digital Intermediate & Photo) to the media and entertainment industry. Accomplishment : • define the place of sales channels, • manage the teams in order to develop the company's revenues and its margin. • define the positioning of a brand and a set of products and services, • determine the objectives and means to develop brand awareness, competitive position of the company and customer knowledge.


Transmedia Producer | Senior Independent Consultant Specialized in Transmedia Marketing


Mission : My mission is to intervene with international companies and put in place specific strategies. Based on the needs of clients, I will look for solutions that will increase the company's reputation, attract new customers and retain the old ones. Thanks to my commercial skills, I know the expectations of the market on which I am positioned. My achievements are varied: the realization of a market study, the implementation of a strategy for the launch of a new product, the design of a specific promotional campaign, the statistical analysis of the situation with balance sheet and proposal of solutions. I manage most of the time a team of 5 people - my close team- witch accompanying me on the renders customers. I have to work with different structures ranging from Start-ups to large accounts. My specificity is the field of entertainment and consumer behavior in a context of creation and event of the offer. Accomplishment : • Transmedia Producer (Series,documentaries, Movies, Video games, Books.. ) • Author (In personal development & Business ,In sci-fi, In sociology) • Marketing Trainer (for entrepreneurs and for businesses) • Marketing Consultant and Event management (for all types of structures)


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